It’s A New Year, Have You Tried LinkedIn?

LinkedIn logo on a dark background.

When you think about LinkedIn, do you think about job hunting, or do you think, not another social media outlet? If you do, no worries. I did, too.

You may be missing out if you own a business and don’t use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s primary purpose is to provide a platform for networking with individuals. Its algorithm desires content that tantalizes your brain.

Here are a few tips to start your year off right.

1. Be Consistent. 

Consistency is key they say. Well, with any type of social media, this is true.  You don’t have to post every day to make an impact. But you do need to post on a regular schedule.  It is also important to be consistent in your branding.  

Consistency builds trust with your audience.  Posting engaging and authentic content regularly shows a commitment to your audience.
Consistent branding allows your followers and connections to recognize you as they are scrolling through their feeds.  

2. Leverage Your Newsletter. 

Did you know that you can post your newsletter on LinkedIn? You can. This is a great avenue to show your expertise in your field and keep in touch with potential clients.
Also, a newsletter is a great way to start a conversation on your LinkedIn page. The more engagement you receive, the longer your newsletter will stay on the feeds of your potential clients or referral partners.

3. Know Your Audience. 

Your posts should revolve around your ideal customer. People don’t come to LinkedIn to find funny dog videos or short reels of popular shows.  People come to LinkedIn to learn and find experts.
Listen to your ideal clients and write about what they want to know. You’ll also be able to highlight your expertise in a subject important to your ideal client.   Finding content to engage and educate your ideal audience is key on LinkedIn.
So, ask your clients what they want to read about. 

The result: A new year to network and engage with potential clients and referral partners.